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WhistlePig 18 Year | Double Malt Rye Whiskey Review 1st Edition

Bottle of Whistle Pig 18 year

Distillery: WhisltePig Sourced from Canada

Proof: 92

Mashbill: 79% Rye, 15% Malted Rye, 6% Malted Barley

Age: 18 Years

Price: $399

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Fool Proof Rating and Summary of Tasting Notes

Color: Honey Gold

Nose: Aromatic rye spice, toasted oak, baking spices, dried fruit.

Palate: Subtly sweet, rye spice, clove, black pepper, dry oak.

Finish: Medium to long finish with lots of rye spice and oak.

Feel: Oily with medium mouth coat.

See below for an In-Depth Review.

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For all my tastings I use either the Libbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glass or a traditional Glencairn glass. They both are great for nosing and help in discerning more subtle notes.


Founded in 2008 at an old farm in Shoreham, Vermont, WhistlePig quickly rose to fame as the world's most-awarded rye whiskey maker. Until his passing in 2018, the WhistlePig farm had been home to the founding father of craft whiskey, Master Distiller Dave Pickerell. Today, they are all about protecting what makes rye whiskey great, and at the same time innovating to make it better.

Their Double Malt expression features their oldest rye whiskey that was mellowed for 18 years. After years of devotion to patient aging and innovative blending, WhistlePig has turned its attention to experimenting with grain, namely the practice of malting rye, reflected in the 1st Edition of the Double Malt.

Distilled from a mash bill of 79% rye, 15% malted rye, and 6% malted barley, it's a truly flavorful whiskey where the boldness and peppery spice of the rye combine perfectly with the softer earthy and floral notes of the malted rye, while the malted barley provides richness and sweetness. This is a complex and elegant sipper that's bottled at 92 proof.


WhistlePig 18 year rye whiskey has a unique aroma. It starts with a strong rye spice aroma with notes of toasted oak, baking spices, and subtle sweetness. The rye is the first thing to hit your nose when you take your first sniff, and it quickly fades into the other aromas like baking spices, toasted almonds, and oak.

These secondary aromas are slightly sweet and very inviting. Each waft brings out more complexity from the combination of these aromas. WhistlePig 18 year rye whiskey has an aromatic profile that is enjoyable. The nose is nice but I am left thinking that it should be better for an 18 year whiskey.


Whistlepig 18 year Whiskey has a complex blend of flavors. I notice a subtle sweetness along with hints of rye spice, clove, black pepper, and dry oak. The sip starts off subtly sweet but quickly transitions to a more spicy note. There’s a definite burst of rye spice that lingers on the palate, along with clove and a pleasant tingle of black pepper. Finally, the dry oak notes come through in the finish, leaving behind an inviting aftertaste. All in all, this is a well-rounded whiskey. It also drinks a little hotter than I would expect for 92 proof, which I like. I think if this were 100 proof I would like it better.


The finish is medium to long, with lots of rye spice and oak. It’s a well-balanced whiskey. The oak notes fade slowly, leaving behind a pleasant sweetness from the rye. There's also a bit of heat on the palate that gives it some depth and dimension.


The mouth feel of WhistlePig 18 year is oily, with a medium coating that lingers with each sip. It begins quite smooth on the palate but quickly builds in intensity, giving it more heft and body. The oiliness of the rye gives it a velvety texture that blends together all of its flavors. Its medium mouth coating creates an enjoyable finish without being too heavy or overpowering. All in all, this 18 year old whiskey has an excellent balance between its smoothness and warmth that I enjoyed.

Final Thoughts

With an 87% Fool Proof rating this is a very good whiskey that I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is complex yet very easy to drink. The problem is that it cost $399. That is a bit steep! At this price point, it is up against some of

the top whiskeys in the world and I would say it's not quite there for me.

It is still a great bottle to have on your shelf. The box that it comes in is very nice and the bottle is beautiful. I especially like the custom-made glass bottle stopper that comes with it.

The stopper weighs a ton and looks great! If you have the money to spare then this bottle is definitely worth grabbing! All in all, WhistlePig 18 year old rye whiskey is an excellent addition to any collection and I highly recommend trying it

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I would love to hear from you! Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think of this whiskey.

Below are my favorite glasses for doing tastings. The Libbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glass is my favorite because it has a little more heft to it and feels better in my hand than the traditional Glencairn glass does.


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