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My Fool Proof Rating System

100% Fool Proof.png
Low Angle of Bourbon Aging Warehouse Walkway in basement storage.jpg

95-100% Fool Proof

Amazing!  Think A+.  A must-purchase if you can find it. I would be willing to pay a little over MSRP for a bottle in this range. 

80-84% Fool Proof

Good. Very enjoyable.  Think B or B-.  This would be a "daily drinker" if you're so inclined. 

65-69% Fool Proof

Not Good!  Maybe could pass as a mixer but probably best to just avoid. 

90-94% Fool Proof

Incredible!  Think A or A-.  Also, a must-purchase if you can find it. 

75-79% Fool Proof

Average.  It's worth trying.  Think C+.  Could still be enjoyed neat, but you wouldn't feel bad using it as a mixer.  

60-64% Fool Proof

Bad! Don't waste your money and I'm sorry that I wasted mine!

85-89% Fool Proof.

Very Good! Think B+.  Also, a must-purchase. 

70-74% Fool Proof

 Below Average.  Think C to C-.  This is a mixer only. 

Below 59% Fool Proof

I won't waste our time reviewing anything that I think has a Fool Proof rating of less than 59%. 

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