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About Me


I started The Whiskey Fool because I am passionate about bourbon. I love getting together with friends and family and enjoying a great bourbon. I started my bourbon journey in 2015 and have enjoyed learning everything I can along the way.


The Whiskey Fool is a website that I hope will help others learn more about bourbon as well. My goal is to create a place where people can come to learn about different bourbons, share their thoughts on whiskey, and connect with other whiskey lovers from around the world.


About That Picture

The picture is from October 26, 2017.  I was lucky enough to attend an event In Fort Wayne Indiana that was the first of its kind for that venue.  It ended up being poorly attended and I was able to score all of those bottles at retail price!  Two bottles of William Laure Weller in one night!  It was a very exciting night.  In today's bourbon climate, it's something that will never happen again.   Head over to the forum page and share your bourbon stories.  Cheers!

My Fool Proof Rating System

100% Fool Proof.png
Low Angle of Bourbon Aging Warehouse Walkway in basement storage.jpg

95-100% Fool Proof

Amazing!  Think A+.  A must-purchase if you can find it. I would be willing to pay a little over MSRP for a bottle in this range. 

80-84% Fool Proof

Good. Very enjoyable.  Think B or B-.  This would be a "daily drinker" if you're so inclined. 

65-69% Fool Proof

Not Good!  Maybe could pass as a mixer but probably best to just avoid. 

90-94% Fool Proof

Incredible!  Think A or A-.  Also, a must-purchase if you can find it. 

75-79% Fool Proof

Average.  It's worth trying.  Think C+.  Could still be enjoyed neat, but you wouldn't feel bad using it as a mixer.  

60-64% Fool Proof

Bad! Don't waste your money and I'm sorry that I wasted mine!

85-89% Fool Proof.

Very Good! Think B+.  Also, a must-purchase. 

70-74% Fool Proof

 Below Average.  Think C to C-.  This is a mixer only. 

Below 59% Fool Proof

I won't waste our time reviewing anything that I think has a Fool Proof rating of less than 59%. 

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